Again the Magic {Audiobook Review}

Again the Magic is my second favorite book of the Wallflowers series even though it is not exactly a part of it. It’s set probably a year or so before the Wallflowers meet each other so it is more of a prequel. It is about Lord Westcliff’s sisters: Lady Aline Marsden and Lady Olivia Marsden. I guess it is really Aline’s story, but Olivia gets a good part of the story as well. Excuse me, Lady Aline and Lady Olivia. Their stories are both briefly mentioned in Book 2 of the Wallflowers Series, It Happened One Autumn. Both ladies have their share of issues to overcome despite being from one of the most wealthy and prominent families, which is why I relate it to the Wallflowers series. In this book we also get more insight into this family and their history. The second time I listened to this book, I enjoyed it more than I remembered or even expected. The narrator, Rosalyn Landor, is one of my favorite and portrays each emotional scene fantastically. The intimate scenes and interactions of the couples were much more steamy than some of the other books. They aren’t the only scenes that matter but I feel that their excellent portrayals are necessary to understanding how they all feel about each other. I like both the sisters and the main male characters in this book. The only eye-rolling moment I had was about one of the secrets revealed but the reaction satisfied me. If you liked any of the Wallflowers books then you should definitely listen to this one.

Again the Magic

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Narrator: Rosalyn Landor
Length: 10 hours, 39 minutes

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