Audiobook Engineering Curiousity

I’m very curious about all parts of creating an audiobook, from engineering to voiceover. I plan to do much more research about it because I want to know how volume management works. It drives me crazy when I have to constantly adjust the volume because the narrator keeps changing pitch and delivery. Every time they speak soft I have to turn it up and then a few minutes later it is too loud because they are back to normal tone or yelling. I don’t hear this in all audio books so I figure there must be ways to correct that. I think it’s usually not a big deal unless I’m driving or my hands are busy. If I’m driving then I really can’t hear the soft murmurs over the car engine. If my hands are busy I can’t rewind every ten minutes when I miss certain sentences. I’m sure much of that has to do with the quality of equipment as well as knowledge of how to use it best. Perhaps someone will enlighten me on the particulars.

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