Carnal Secrets [The Phoenix Pack Series] Book 3

This book was good, but personally, I prefer books 1 and 2. I did like how things were changed up a bit in this book though. We went to a new location for a bit and the tale is about the relationship between an Alpha male and Submissive female this time, instead of Alpha and Alpha. We also see the Human vs. Shifter layer added in here. I was curious about this element in the first two books. I was actually glad that the first book was about the shifter community and not all about a war between humans and other beings. That concept has been over done. I am glad that the author waited until book three to show us what the dynamic was. And yes, it is kind of the same old story, people fear what they don’t understand, therefore become prejudice, which can lead to violence from the extremists. And then of course, there are the mixed breeds who in some cases get to decide which side they are on. In other cases they are picked on because of their mixed status, something of which they had absolutely no control over. So yes, there is a little bit of this going on, but it is still a good book. There is great complexity still within the shifter community to keep you interested in the story. You still find your heart tingling with the loyalty that is built and maintained within these stories. That is still one of my favorite aspects of this series. If you’ve read the first two books, you can appreciate all the changes, challenges, and growth these packs have been through and how it has impacted their lives, along with the story-line. I say all this to say that it was a great book with a different story, even if I preferred book 1 and/or 2 better.

Nick is an awesome character. He is a true blue alpha male and doesn’t let you forget it. He is intelligent, fierce, and someone with obvious strength that you wouldn’t want to mess with. He has been through his share of challenges like the other characters, but his strength, survivor skills, and tenacity are unmistakable. What I also like about this series is that we are cleverly set up for the future books of the series. As we listen, we are seeing the background and lead-up story to the next book and its lead characters, whether we realize it or not. And it’s not necessarily some cliffhanger line thrown at you in the last five sentences of the book.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews, Jill Redfield is an excellent narrator. I have started listening to other books she has narrated because of her performance in this series. If I haven’t mentioned it, I am excited for the next book. I feel like I’m invested in the Phoenix Pack’s lives now and I want more.



Author: Suzanne Wright
Narrator: Jill Redfield
Length: 12 hours, 16 minutes

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*****The author, Suzanne Wright, has tweeted that the fourth book should be released around Spring 2015. I am so excited! I might actually read it if the audio version takes too long to come out.

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