Desire Untamed [Feral Warriors Series, Book 1] {Audiobook Review}

Desire Untamed [Feral Warriors Series, Book 1] {Audiobook Review}

This book lives up to its name. There are a lot of desire going on in this story. As I’ve come to expect from animal shifter type stories, there is a good amount of sensual and sexual appetites. It is not of a grotesque nature though. There may be some shocking scenes but it’s still in decent taste. I don’t know what I was expecting, but at first it took me a few scenes to get into the story. Once my interest was sparked, I started the book over and got really into it. It actually kept me guessing which is what I loved. I like to try to guess where a story will go and many times it is pretty obvious. I thought I had a pretty good idea how things would end up but some of the outcomes took me by surprise.

For those of you who enjoy a good passionate scene, there are some greats ones in here. The author definitely tapped into the sensual side of the animals, which happen to be much more comfortable with sexuality than humans. I maaay have listened to some of those scenes more than once. (I’m going on and on about this and you’re going to get the wrong opinion about me). The idea of seeing a man shift into a lion sounds freaking awesome. Just saying. Overall, this was a good book and I definitely plan to listen to the rest of the series. It’s a real interesting take on the shifter community, especially since it is various types of animals instead of just one. There is also magic in the story which adds to its complexity. This was an exciting story and toward the end I wanted to be in it! I became the leading lady and went through her emotions, eventually coming to admire her. It was interesting just learning about this world that the author built. I liked the characters we got to know but there are many that we didn’t get to know so I’m excited to hear about them in future books.

The Narrator – Rob Shapiro

Rob Shapiro is a decent narrator, but not necessarily one of my favorites. I had to get used to him, but once I got into the book, it was fine. He is great as a male beast, especially a Lion shifter, but he is not so great with the female voices. I suppose a male with a manly voice can only do but so much when it comes to speaking like a woman. After I got sucked into the story, I didn’t really notice anymore. He was great with the fierce emotions also, especially when anger or power was involved.

My only issue with the recording itself is that it felt like the highs and lows were excessive. I found myself having to rewind every time the narrator softened his voice, and he seemed to do that often. It seems like the sound should have been a bit more even so that I could tell that someone was yelling without it being overwhelmingly loud; and so that I could tell that someone was thinking or sad or speaking sensually and actually be able to hear them without having to turn up the volume. I just think I had to adjust the volume too much.

I definitely recommend this story. It was creative and an exciting adventure. I was actually bummed that I was out of credits when the book ended because I was ready to start listening to Book 2.

Audiobook Details

Author: Pamela Palmer
Narrator: Rob Shapiro
Length: 9 hours, 36 minutes
Series: Feral Warriors
Type: Unabridged
Release Date: 05-14-14
Publisher: Tantor Audio

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