Eaten {Audiobook Review}

Eaten {Audiobook Review}

From the Summary: “An empire of processed foods on the verge of world domination. A broccoli terrorist with nothing to lose.”

When I saw the cover of this book, a picture of a broccoli with daggers in his hands, I thought “really?”, but still I was partially amused and curious. When I read the summary, I decided I had to give it a try. How could you not want to listen to a book about a broccoli terrorist or about processed foods trying to takeover the world? It’s both hilarious and sounds a lot like reality.


My Thoughts on the Story

The whole idea of this story is hilarious to me. People say things like, “He stunk like a plant”. There’s a broccoli wearing red Chucks and an onion whipping out pistols. In this Sci-fi/Fantasy type story about food, I think the author, Michael La Ronn, was very creative in how he built up the world. I am very curious about his inspiration for the book. Did he get bored one day, start scribbling about the food sitting on his table, and then think, “Hey, I wonder if I can expand it to a real book?” Or did he sit down and think about the battle of food, fruit, and vegetables for humans and translate that into this entertaining story. Either way, I dig it and think it was cleverly put together.

The book is an easy listen, barely over five hours. However, there was so much to the world that I kept wanting to rewind so I could take it all in. I will probably listen to the next season (this book says it was “The Complete First Season”) when it comes out because now I want to know what happens next. It definitely left me wanting more. In case you’re wondering, there is not just food in the book. Humans are in the book too. One of my favorite human lines of the book was “Daammmn, vegetables just got complicated.”

My Thoughts on the Narrator – Anthony Bianco

I thought the narrator, Anthony Bianco, did a pretty good job. It was paced pretty well and he had a diverse set of voices. You have to be somewhat talented or at least imaginative to give voice to various types of foods.

I would recommend this book if you’re into Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and/or Futuristic type books. You really have to like being immersed into a very imaginative world.

Audiobook Details

Author: Michael La Ronn
Narrator: Anthony Bianco
Length: 5 hours, 21 minutes
Type: Unabridged
Release Date: 11-14-14
Publisher: Ursabrand Media

Where I Downloaded This Listen:

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