Feral Sins [The Phoenix Pack Series] Book 1

Feral Sins [The Phoenix Pack Series] Book 1

I loved Feral Sins. I don’t remember what made me buy it. I think it was one of those random deals Audible does sometimes. I listened to part of it and was immediately interested after hearing the sarcastic persona of Taryn, the main female character. I am a bit of a sarcastic person myself so it was right up my alley. She was cracking me up. She cusses a little more than I do (well, a lot more), but she was still quite entertaining as portrayed by the narrator, Jill Redfield. The author/narrator duo compliment each other very well. The book became even more interesting as the romantic tension built between the main characters. The fighting, romantic, and intimate scenes came alive and I felt like I was there, like I was a part of the Phoenix Pack. I love the idea of shifters. It would be so interesting to be one. This book is about wolf-shifters which means their smell and hearing senses are quite keen. People who like descriptive romantic and intimate scenes will love this book. However, it has much more than that. The loyalty within the packs, the interesting unique differences shifters have from humans, the bravery and fierceness, the witty intelligence, and the intensity of the journey made this a book that I wanted to listen to in one sitting. Added to that was the brilliant way Jill Redfield made each scene and each emotion come alive. She is very good with expressing the emotions of the characters, both male and female. In fact, I found myself looking up other books she’s read for other authors.

My favorite character was Dante and I was so glad to find out the 2nd book of the series was about him and his story. He was hilarious, intuitive, and 100% loyal to his pack. Taryn was a very close 2nd favorite.

Jill Redfield is great at portraying the sarcasm that drips from everyone’s lips, especially the main female character, Taryn. She has the right amount of bite in her tone when the characters are upset and she also expresses the intimate emotion well.

This was a great book. It was thrilling, exciting, and intriguing. It didn’t take me long to listen to the whole book because I loved it so much.

Author: Suzanne Wright
Narrator: Jill Redfield
Length: 13 hours, 38 minutes

Other books of the series and their main characters:
Book 2 is about Dante: Wicked Cravings
– My Review of Book 2

Book 3 is about Shaya: Carnal Secrets

*****The author, Suzanne Wright, has tweeted that the fourth book should be released around Spring 2015. I am so excited!

This book can also be ordered on Amazon who now owns Audible.

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