Pandora’s Box [Pandora's Series] Book 1

I’d say my opinion of Pandora’s Box started out as lukewarm interest but it grew as the more complex layers of the story unfolded. There were some interesting twists that intrigued me enough to bump past lukewarm and even go on to read the second book, “The Druid Made Me Do It”. I now plan to read the third book, once they finally release the audio version.

To be honest, it took me a minute to get into the story. The narrator’s voice of the lead character, Riordan, was a bit annoying at first and I couldn’t quite grasp what the story was about. It was also hard to picture Riordan as attractive because the voice didn’t fit in my mind. It did fit his menacing personality though.


What made the book interesting to me was that it was about pucas and druids, which I have not read many stories about. Once I started understanding more of their involvement in the story-line, I became intrigued and started the book over so I could pay more attention to the beginning. The first couple of times I tried listening to it I would zone out because it wasn’t keeping my attention. Overall it ended up being an interesting book once I got used to the narration and pace of it. There were some good twists that made me appreciate the story more by the time I was finished.

Even though my review here doesn’t sound all that thrilling, I will say that it made me interested in reading more books about druids and pucas. I even started researching the legends to understand them better.

Author: Natale Stenzel
Narrator: Cynthia Wallace
Length: 9 hours, 1 minute
Publisher: Audio Realms

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