Passion Untamed [Feral Warriors Series, Book 3] {Audiobook Review}

Book 3 of the Feral Warriors series was about Paenther, BP for short. This book added more layers of complexity to the series’s overall story-line. It also gave us a much greater insight into Paenther and Vhyper. I like that we went back several centuries in history to gain some perspective on their lives. We also learned more about the mages and their history with the ferals. Just like with the other books, there are creative sexual circumstances that you don’t expect. It’s a unique erotic quality baked in to good action-packed story-lines. Just like the other books, this offers fantasy, creativity, sexuality, sensuality, drama, suspense, and action.

The Narrator – Rob Shapiro

Rob Shapiro is a decent narrator. I had to get used to him, but once I got into the book, it was fine. He is great as a male beast, especially a Lion shifter, but he is not so great with the female voices. I suppose a male with a manly voice can only do but so much when it comes to speaking like a woman. After I got sucked into the story, I didn’t really notice anymore. He was great with the fierce emotions also, especially when anger or power was involved.

My only issue with the recording itself is that it felt like the highs and lows were excessive. I found myself having to rewind every time the narrator softened his voice, and he seemed to do that often. It seems like the sound should have been a bit more even so that I could tell that someone was yelling without it being overwhelmingly loud; and so that I could tell that someone was thinking or sad or speaking sensually and actually be able to hear them without having to turn up the volume. I just think I had to adjust the volume too much.

Book 4 is about Jag and I am excited. I am very curious about his background.

Audiobook Details

Author: Pamela Palmer
Narrator: Rob Shapiro
Length: 10 hours, 5 minutes
Series: Feral Warriors
Type: Unabridged
Release Date: 07-09-14
Publisher: Tantor Audio

Where I Downloaded This Listen:

Pandora’s Box [Pandora's Series] Book 1