The Intimate

This movie is silly and quirky but I found it entertaining. It’s a love story about two people who try to take a day from their lives and just be in love. Reality confronts them every once in a while but they just can’t let each other go. They don’t want to let each other go. One way or another they keep coming back to each other. They go through several emotions: anger, sadness, but still end up in each other’s arms. Could you imagine just for a day dropping all your life’s responsibilities..relationships and everything….and just being in love.

I admit, there are times when it can feel a bit slow and dry but if you give it a chance and stay into it, you can almost feel the emotions they are feelings..what you would be feelings in the same situation.

We sort of get to see that story grandparents have about their “one great love” play out. However, it is not a PG story, that’s for sure.

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