Wicked Cravings [The Phoenix Pack Series] Book 2

Wicked Cravings is great and probably my favorite book of The Phoenix Pack series so far. The writing is stimulating, creative, and intensely satisfying. I love the wolf-shifter aspect of the story because it taps into those carnal desires and primitive traits we all have. This book is about Dante Garcea who was my favorite character in the first book, Feral Sins. Dante is Beta, Trey’s second-in-command. Dante’s story is just as interesting and twisted as Trey’s was. There are also other characters in this book with fascinating stories. I love how loyal the packs are to each other. They’re thicker than family. The romantic scenes are fantastic, very descriptive and creative. The narrator, Jill Redfield, is amazing at these scenes, the emotional scenes, the fight scenes, and everything else. Don’t get me wrong, there is more than just erotic scenes, I just happen to like those scenes a lot. The whole book is an exciting adventure to experience. Overall, it was fantastic.

I can’t figure out if I like Book One or Book Two better. The fight scenes and other pack stories mixed in had me sitting in the car listening long after I had parked and turned off the engine. I didn’t want to cut it off because I had to know how the next scene was going to play out. I really love this narrator and I tried to research her further but I cannot find her website or any social media sites. If anyone does, please put them in the comments. I am currently listening to another book she narrated by a different author (The Crossfire Series).

Narrator: Jill Redfield
Length: 12 hours, 33 minutes

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This book can also be ordered on Amazon who now owns Audible.

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